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We’re a vibrant, community focussed gym for all fitness levels specialising in personal training and a range of group fitness classes from strength conditioning, HIIT, cardio and boxing classes.

Because you’re unique, we’ll tailor a training and nutrition plan to your specific needs and provide you with a dedicated personal trainer to help you each step of the way.

Our holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and habit creation produces immediate and sustainable results.

In just 40 days you can expect to see:

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Strength and Mobility

  • Body Confidence and increased Self Esteem

  • Better Sleep and Energy Levels

  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression

  • Improved Balance and Coordination

Campsie Gym providing group fitness classes with dedicated personal trainers to develop fully integrated fitness




Dust off the weekend with Kickstart! High Intensity Interval Training that keeps the body guessing through weekly work/rest timing variations and a combination of strength and cardio that leaves you dripping with sweat and energised for the week ahead!



MMA is back!!! A mix of Mixed Martial Arts style striking combined with circuited based HIIT efforts in this hard -hitting class. One of our all time most popular concepts will see you sweat it out in a range of high intensity station efforts mixed with the fun of MMA style boxing thrown in to ensure a killer workout.



It’s hump day and what better way to get over the hump than with a little help from your friends! Dream team is all about working as partners or small groups to hit targets and compete against the other teams! Not competitive? Don’t worry! These classes are designed to be fun with all fitness levels in mind.



Time to get out some of that pent up negative energy from the week! Combat combines MMA style self defence boxing with high intensity efforts and good times! Working with a partner you’ll go through different striking combos and superset with High Intensity bodyweight and strength exercises. The Class is full of fun vibes, with short, sharp changes designed to keep your on your toes. Think of it as a therapy session with boxing gloves!



A new take on our Friday full body class. Party Pump is designed to get you feeling great for your weekend with a combination of strength and cardio stations that leave you feeling pumped up and ready for a weekend of fun.



Get your weekend started with our Saturday sweat class. This classes takes on a variety of formats including AMRAP, EMOM and team work! Designed to be fast paced, high energy and pushing you to a sweaty mess!Whether you need to sweat out a Friday night of bad choices or you just want a strong finish to the week, this class is exactly what you need. Get in, get sweaty and get out! Easy as that!



Evolve is our hands on guided approach to teaching you the fundamentals of weight lifting to build a strong, functional body using a traditional body split training method.

Our Upper Push class focuses on upper body pushing movements which targets the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Our Upper Pull class focuses on upper body pulling movements which targets your back and biceps.

Our Lower Body class focuses on everything lower body for overall leg and glute strength.


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